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Designed by Swiss-born American architect William Lescaze, 777 Third Avenue – built in 1963 is the epitome of The International Style, a Modernist architectural style that stresses simplicity and balance. As a pioneer of the Modernist movement, Lescaze designed the building with signature style trademarks such as attractive, open public areas.

Adding touches of whimsy, Melvyn Kaufman commissioned two iconic sculptures for the expansive plaza area. "Big Red Swing," an interactive pop-art sculpture by Theodore Ceraldi, invites the public to rest, swing and even picnic on the angular-shaped suspended platform. "Contrappunto," by world-famous Brooklyn-born artist Beverly Pepper, is a dynamic, rotating stainless-steel sculpture prominently positioned at the front entrance of the building. As part of the recent renovations, "Contrappunto" was outfitted with a new lighting display to more dramatically showcase this iconic work of art.